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Manica is an Italian Copper Sulphate producer. Its products are used in various applications such as Industrial, Animal Feed and Agriculture. Manica then developed ready to use copper based products to fulfill  the needs of the farmers (initially locally) and then expanded their experience worldwide. Manica produces in a transparent, effective and responsible manner.
Manica today exports its copper-based products to more than 70 countries around the world.

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Copper compounds

Copper Sulphate and other Copper Compounds, have a large market which is growing continuously. One of the growing markets nowadays is the use of Copper Sulphate as a natural biocide since the use of Copper Sulphate is ideal for the development of disinfection products, as a bactericide, as an algaecide etc.
Copper is well known and used in industrial and agricultural applications.


Purity Cult

In Manica, copper is one of the main elements in the production process. Manica only purchases copper-metal, from well qualified suppliers, which is then converted into active ingredients used in various formulations. . Moreover, the low environmental impact of the production processes, the use of green co-formulants, minimize the risk of cross-contamination.
The production process is controlled and certified, emissions are reduced to a minimum, electricity is produced by 5000 m2 of photovoltaic panels and all the heat is recovered and re-used in the production cycle.
All this in order to achieve the ambitious objective of zero pollutants, reduce the carbon footprint of the products and promote sustainability.
This allows Manica to put in the market one of the purest copper products in the world.



Discover our latest news about Manica’s commitment and copper based products.

30 June 2022

Copper sulfate: scientific studies prove the durability of virucidal activity

Disinfectant cleaners based on Copper Sulfate take advantage of the active power of copper ions and perform virucidal activity by blocking the reproduction of viruses. Application of the producto by means of a cloth on which it has been sprayed and subsequent distribution on the surface, with the purpose of removing dirt, deposits, on hard… View Article

21 July 2021

Copper sulphate for animal feed applications: purity is a must

Among the trace elements necessary for life and proper nutrition of farm animals – especially chickens, pigs and cattle – is copper. Authorities dictate the correct doses to meet nutritional requirements. It is therefore necessary that the trace elements added to feed are as pure as possible to ensure that the nutrition of animals is… View Article

24 May 2021

Copper sulphate: galvano industry application

Copper sulphate is used in the electroplating process othe of the Galvano industry. The term galvanic refers to a series of techniques, used in industry, which involve the realization of coatings on metals with a thin layer more valuable. The galvanic treatments are therefore a series of operations conducted with aqueous solutions at room temperature… View Article

9 February 2021

Copper Sulphate in Gel specifically for reference electrodes: why use a Gel formulation.

The use of copper sulphate in electrodes is widespread throughout the world. It is employed to measure the corrosion potential of natural gas pipelines. In fact, saturated copper sulfate solutions provide a constant and reliable reference potential in monitoring the condition of underground pipelines that need to be preserved from galvanic corrosion. The main problem… View Article

9 February 2021

Effectiveness of Copper-based sanitizers: how and where to apply it?

Copper sulfate is a powerful sanitizer: copper ions Cu(II), together with surfactants, generate actions towards biogenic substances, through the deactivation of nutrients that allow microbiological life. Manica has developed a specific product that blocks the proliferation of microbes, based on copper sulfate pentahydrate with sanitizing action on surfaces: FLOMAN. The product, properly diluted in water,… View Article

24 November 2020

Manica Portugal is born: our copper sulphate arrives in Lisbon

2021 is a year of further expansion for Manica Spa. The Italian company, leader in the production and marketing of copper sulphate, to be closer to its customers in the Iberian peninsula, opens a new branch in Lisbon, Manica Portugal. Specialized in the marketing of pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, biostimulants and in the sale of copper… View Article