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Copper is a ductile and malleable metal, used in various areas of the world with multiple well known applications.

Moreover, the use of copper as a bactericide dates back to many centuries ago. It was used to sterilize wounds, purify drinkable water etc. The Greeks, Romans and Aztecs prescribed copper and its compounds for the treatment of burns, parasites and infections as well as for personal hygiene.

Efficient Solutions for many applications

Various Copper Salts are used in many production phases and industrial sectors. Thanks to diversity of the active properties, Copper Salts can be used in many applications for example:


The only authorised Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate allowed in Europe as a biocidal products Product Type 2 of the European Regulation 528/2012


The specific quality of Copper Sulphate “Snow HPG” High Purity Grade microcrystals that Manica produces is the best solution for PCB applications.

Galvano Industry

Copper Sulphate is used in the plating industry in various applications like: automotive, plumbing, accessories supporting also the chromium plating.

Reference electrodes

Blugel solution is used to protect from corrosion pipelines and other plant which are immersed in a conductive medial (like land is).


Copper Sulphate is highly used in the flotation process.


Copper Sulphate is an important element used in the textile, paint and many other pigment industries.

Mirror and glass

Copper Sulphate is used in the mirror and glass industry where the highest quality is requested.

Welding Wire

Copper Sulphate is used to copper plate steel in the welding wire industry.


Copper Sulphate is used as chemical  catalyzer.


The copper ions inhibit the biogenic activity of certain substances such as amino acids, they remain on the surfaces creating a natural protective barrier.


Copper Sulphate is used in the production of the materials needed for the construction and isolation industry.

Pharmaceutical and Nutriceuticals

Our Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate min 99,5% “Snow HPG” High Purity Grade microcrystals is the most suitable for these applications.

Animal Feed

Our Copper Sulphate dedicated to the animal feed industry is well known for its high purity, homogeneity, well defined granulometry and consistency of the product.


Copper Sulphate is used as a micro-element for the production of special fertilizers.


In many countries around the world, Copper Sulphate is still used in agriculture by dissolving it in water and neutralizing the solution with lime.