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Purity Cult is the key concept of our production philosophy: 100% Italian, regenerated copper that we purchase only from qualified suppliers. We convert this copper-metal into active ingredients that we then transform into copper-based Plant Protection Products , such as Bordeaux Mixture, Copper Oxychloride or into numerous formulations for many types of applications.

Buying very high purity copper compounds for industrial processing is advantageous because: it allows a prolonged use in the production cycle, requires fewer interventions and has very little waste in further processing allowing the optimization of the industrial manufacturing.

Our agricultural products are formulated with highly sustainable substances, in particular the “lignin sulphonate” which is a co-formulant, derived from the lignin present in conifers, that we use as the main additive of our copper-based WG and WP formulations.
On the other hand, we have chosen to completely abandon the use of phosphites in our production lines, which are neither produced nor packed.

Moreover, Manica’s plants have separate production lines: all organic production is carried out on the main line in order to maximize the purity of copper and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, so as to ensure a completely organic supply chain in agriculture and for the baby food industry.