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Manica produces a range of special fertilizers includes crop nutrition products and foliar corrective agents, which in many cases can also be used in organic farming. These Fertilizers are all specific, innovative and efficient products based whether on microelements (essential for the healthy growth of the plants) or on substances which stimulate the assimilation process.

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Copper is essential for plants as it stimulates the chlorophyll photosynthesis and protein synthesis. Over the years, Manica has developed numerous copper-based nutrition products in combination with other molecules and active ingredients.

Abies range are fertilizers based on complexed microelements with lignosulfonic acids and compensate the deficit of elements such as Copper, Iron and Zinc, which are essential for a healthy growth of the plants. Lignosulfonates are compounds derived from lignin sulfonation, a natural polymer extracted from trees, a natural and RENEWABLE resource. Their function is to “complex” inorganic ions (ex. microelements). Their purpose is to cancel their ionic charges, which can then enter into the leaf. This provides to farmers a natural and biodegradable complexing agent.

Ferticus range, considered as Copper based fertilizers: a selection that includes copper fertilizers, not complexed, that combine the action of copper with other molecules such as sulphur and other micronutrients.