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Fungicides can be formulations made with Copper combined with chemical active ingredients or a straight chemical. These products are preventive and curative with a high efficacy against downy mildew and bacteria (when combined with Copper).

Among the Manica historical products, we can find Curame 25 WG which is a Copper Oxychloride 25% + Cymoxanil 4% WG. It is useful on many crops, including grapes, tomato, potato, cucurbits etc. Copper Oxychloride has a preventive action and long resistance, while cymoxanil has a curative effect by penetrating the leaves. Manica also produces a Wettable Powder formulation based on Bordeaux Mixture 15% + Cymoxanil 2,4% WP.

The newcomer of Manica, MANAMID 100 SC, is an efficient fungicide based on pure cyazofamide, useful in the fight against downy mildew.