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We are publishing our first sustainability report for 2021, based on ESG criteria.

This report is addressed to all company stakeholders and communicates the commitments and results achieved in corporate responsibility towards environmental, ethical and social sustainability.

It is voluntary for small and medium-sized companies. Manica has chosen to comply to reinforce its position in the market for agrochemicals and copper-based chemical compounds as a reliable and competitive supplier of products with high-quality standards that comply with the regulations in force to protect the environment, health and safety. For Manica, the concept of sustainability is an integral part of the company’s daily life, to create value not only through our product, but also through the continuous satisfaction of the needs of consumers and customers and the constant development of products that guarantee safety and health for the operator, and the protection of the environment and our territory.

No work-related accidents

34% of managerial roles are held by women

100% of self-produced energy is from renewable sources thanks to 3,500m2 of photovoltaic panels

No cases of non-compliance with laws and regulations

No non-compliant products for health and safety impact

Carbon footprint is calculated for the main products


The results of our first sustainability report are the fruit of the participation of all stakeholders, customers, and local partners with whom we have in common the attention and respect for the territory, people, nature, and the overall ecosystem in which we live and act. This is why we have travelled around Italy and Europe to deliver the report to those who share the same social, environmental and governance sustainability principles with us.


A strong perseverance in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, which assumes the analysis of CO2 emissions for every production phase of the main copper based products.

Manica utilizes only 100% Italian regenerated copper which is recycled and set up for a new stage of life, reducing environmental costs, transport and mining.

Manica’s choice of formulants is based on research of materials that have a minimal environmental impact, with low toxicity, natural origin and safe sourcing.

Many products in liquid formulations are delivered in our exclusive and innovative “politainerpackaging which allows us to reduce about 60% the weight of the plastic.