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Research, development, control and production that follows the principles of the green economy is a daily commitment.

Manica operates with precise rules in the Plant Protection Products (P.P.P.) market: low carbon footprint, solvent-free products, absence of toxic and dangerous substances. This means to put into practice a real sustainable defense in agriculture, work with responsibility in order to reduce as much as possible the impact of the substances employed and increasing their efficacy.

We believe that the ones who spread respect, save future generations with a healthier environment. And this, for us, represents the best perspective, a precious and valuable choice that respects Nature and the Ones who cultivate it.

A strong perseverance in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, which assumes the analysis of CO2 emissions for every production phase of the main PPP.

Manica utilizes only 100% Italian regenerated copper which is recycled and set up for a new stage of life, reducing environmental costs, transport and mining.

Manica’s choice of formulants is based on research of materials that have a minimal environmental impact, with low toxicity, natural origin and safe sourcing.

responsible productive process

In Manica’s Plants we minimize waste, we care about energy savings and emissions control with:

  • 3500sqm of solar panels
  • extensive insulation of the Plant for heat savings
  • separate collection of waste
  • reduction of the exploitation of water reserves
  • monitoring of aeriform and liquid emissions with instrumental methods
  • constant staff training on security and environment

During the course of 2015, the Company has sustained a large investment in replacing all the old Plant’s coverings

politainer packaging

Bordoflow and Maniflow and other Manica’s liquid formulations are delivered in our exclusive and innovative “POLITAINER PACKAGING”, which allows us to reduce about 60% the weight of the plastic tank compared to the normal 10lt tank; furthermore, the cardboard that contains the plastic bin is fully recyclable and disposable.

Once the transparent and flexible plastic bin is empty, one can easily notice any possible trace of crop protection product and therefore rinse the bin. Effortlessly, you can pile them up and many can be contained in a larger bag unlike the rigid plastic bins.

The weight of the politainer is identical to that of a paper bag of 10kg of WG Mixture.

Thanks to the reduction of plastic used, once more Manica reduces the carbon footprint.

The Politainer Packaging is eco-friendly indeed!

product efficiency

The micronization and micro-granulation processes developed by Manica, result in a product which has a better efficacy, sticks better on the plants and on the leaves, using the same dosage.

Our Bordoflow packed in politainers, has been awarded by the italian Federchimica’s Stewardship in 2012, and is the completion of the Company’s achievement in giving more value to a precious raw-material like Copper.

copper task force

Manica is a founding member of the European Union Copper Task Force, established in 1991, which defends copper-active ingredients in agriculture, within the European Union.

The aim of the EU Cu Task Force has brought in January 2009 the inclusion of copper salts in the Annex II. The A.I. defended are Copper Hydroxide, Copper Oxychloride, Bordeaux Mixture ( lime-neutralized copper sulphate ), Coper Oxide and Tri-Basic Sulphate.

The European Task-Force meets regularly in order to answer the Competent Authorities on re-registration procedures and on solutions for a sustainable use of copper-based products in agriculture.

All Manica’s crop protection products are registered at the Ministry of Health and supported by many studies and field trials which then determinate the authorized label. Therefore it is recommended to avoid improper use of fertilizers similar to plant protection products that haven’t gone through these long-lasting processes of registration at the Health Ministry in each country.