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We are committed in following the rules of the green economy also by choosing the right co-formulants. Indeed, for Manica’s solid formulations like Mixtures and Copper Oxychlorides, we use the following formulants:


It is extracted from one of Europe’s purest mineral deposits, located in Caneva ( Pordenone – North East of Italy ).
After careful selection, it is processed in high-tech plants that have more than 25 years of experience.
It is a natural inert which is used to obtain the formulation with the Active Ingredient declared on the label.


This molecule originates from the plants and it derives from the lignin sulphonation, main component of the cellular walls of the vegetal cells; therefore, this molecule is totally biodegradable and the process of re-planting trees that have been cut down is 100% sustainable.

This natural formulant’s task is dispersant, binder and stabilizing and compared to similar chemical-origin formulants, the lignosulphonate has a very low emission of CO2.