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Copper salts for industrial use

Manica produces and sells copper salts directly from copper metal. These copper salts can be used for the development of Plant Protection Products, as an oligo element in the Animal Feed Industry products and in numerous formulations for industrial process (electroplating, glass and mirror colouring, mining, textile, building industry etc).

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Manica is the leader in the production of Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate “Snow High Purity Grade” which has very low impurities thanks to an innovative and technological industrial plant that allows the optimisation of the processes, reduction of waste and a high quality of finished product.


Manica was the only company in Europe to register the active ingredient Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate as BIOCIDE PT2 active against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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Our Copper Sulphate is considered as one of the purest copper sulphate used in many sectors and in many industries, all over the world.

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Manica can offer a range of different technical copper based fungicides mainly used for the production of Plant Protection or Chemical Products.

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A dedicated formulation and packing Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate used in the animal feed industry that stands out for its microcrystal homogeneity, flowability and very low impurity content.

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Manica, thanks to the internal Research & Development Laboratory the high level of engineering of the production plants is the ideal partner for toll manufacturing. This enables the study, design and development of new solutions, in collaboration or on behalf of the most demanding international industries.

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