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Manica Portugal is born: our copper sulphate arrives in Lisbon

2021 is a year of further expansion for Manica Spa. The Italian company, leader in the production and marketing of copper sulphate, to be closer to its customers in the Iberian peninsula, opens a new branch in Lisbon, Manica Portugal.

Specialized in the marketing of pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, biostimulants and in the sale of copper sulphate for its many applications in industry, animal feed, biocide production, Manica SpA confirms the centrality of the customer in the choice of its investments.
The Manica group has two production plants, in Italy and Spain, in line with all the European directives (- Seveso III -) to guarantee the highest standards of quality and purity in the production of copper sulphate and copper oxychloride.

The expansion of the company abroad, which already includes the Spanish subsidiary Manica Cobre, is now enriched by the new Portuguese subsidiary. An important presence on the international markets in constant growth for over 70 years, thanks to investments in research and development of new chemical products and in the registration of agropharmaceuticals according to the needs of individual countries.


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