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Since 1948, Manica is an Italian company with a historical solid experience in the production and marketing of copper salts and copper-based products used in agriculture, animal feed and many industrial applications. The company today is led by its third generation and is mainly oriented on the green chemistry.

Manica is an active defender for the various applications; founding member of the European Union Copper Task Force, part of the REACH consortium and, member of EMFEMA Manica continuously invests in technological innovation and in Research & Development of increasingly high performance products; it has an internal laboratory and collaborates with prestigious Universities and International Bodies.

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Copper compounds


The use of copper in agriculture has ancient origins, even going back to the Egyptians. With the industrial development, copper sulphate has found numerous and versatile applications: in the textile industry, in electroplating, in catalysts, for the production of printed circuit boards, in paints, in glass industry and in many other industrial processes.

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Copper compounds


In Manica, copper is one of the main elements in the production process. Manica only purchases copper-metal, from well qualified suppliers, which is then converted into active ingredients used in various formulations. . Moreover, the low environmental impact of the production processes, the use of green co-formulants, minimize the risk of cross-contamination.
The production process is controlled and certified, emissions are reduced to a minimum, electricity is produced by 5000 m2 of photovoltaic panels and all the heat is recovered and re-used in the production cycle.
All this in order to achieve the ambitious objective of zero pollutants, reduce the carbon footprint of the products and promote sustainability.
This allows Manica to put in the market one of the purest copper products in the world.

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The Research & Development Team, constantly updates, plans and develops innovative and performing products. It has a modern laboratory able to meet the challenges that the market requires in short time.

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Manica is available to evaluate different projects (copper based and others) and chemical formulations for third parties, in partnership or for customers‘ specific requests.

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