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Copper sulfate-based detergent that blocks biogenic substances. FLOMAN is a detergent based on copper sulphate able to sanitize surfaces thanks to its ability to block biogenic substances. The product, diluted in water, creates on the treated surfaces an active layer that reacts with the biogenic substances through free copper ions, creating an unfavorable environment for the proliferation of bacteria and viruses.

Dosage and directions for use

1 ) Fill the scrubbing bucket or industrial floor washer with the volume of water needed to treat the surface to be cleaned.

2) Add 15 ml of product for every liter of water, making sure it is uniformly dissolved.

3) Wash the surface in question, allowing it to dry naturally. It is not necessary to rinse.

4) Once dry, the treated surface is ready to be reused.

Distribute the solution onto the surfaces to be treated with a cloth or other product-soaked medium.
The product can be used in floor washing machines, with identical dosage (15 ml of FLOMAN per liter of water).


Concentrated liquid

Pack sizes

1 L 5 L 10 L