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Copper sulphate for animal feed applications: purity is a must

Among the trace elements necessary for life and proper nutrition of farm animals – especially chickens, pigs and cattle – is copper. Authorities dictate the correct doses to meet nutritional requirements. It is therefore necessary that the trace elements added to feed are as pure as possible to ensure that the nutrition of animals is healthy and balanced in order to increase the quality level of the finished product of the food industry. From the point of view of green chemistry and respect for nature that Manica has always pursued, we have set ourselves the goal of creating a product for the animal feed segment, necessary to supply a trace element that is fundamental for the correct growth of many farm animals, with pollutant levels that are far below those prescribed by the regulations in force. We pay the utmost attention to the specifications of our product and push the bar higher and higher. At Manica, we want pollutant levels to be below the legal limits.


How is Manica’s trace element copper sulfate pentahydrate produced and used in feed mills around the world?

COPPER SULPHATE FOR ANIMAL FEED INDUSTRY is the result of an accurate selection process of all the raw materials that enter the production cycle to guarantee food additives of the highest quality, suitable for the traceability requirements of the livestock industry.

Our copper comes only from certified suppliers who guarantee its high purity, the contents of other metals are very low and the quality controls of incoming materials are continuous.

The specifications required are very stringent and Manica’s copper sulphate remains well below all the maximum levels of impurities allowed by law. We are aware of the fact that if the food chain has a principle of high purity also the food that arrives on our tables will be of higher quality.


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