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Effectiveness of Copper-based sanitizers: how and where to apply it?

Copper sulfate is a powerful sanitizer: copper ions Cu(II), together with surfactants, generate actions towards biogenic substances, through the deactivation of nutrients that allow microbiological life.

Manica has developed a specific product that blocks the proliferation of microbes, based on copper sulfate pentahydrate with sanitizing action on surfaces: FLOMAN.

The product, properly diluted in water, creates on the treated surfaces an active layer that reacts with biogenic substances through free copper ions, creating an unfavorable environment for the proliferation of bacteria and viruses.

It is as if the action of contrasting biogenic substances of metallic copper, known to be used in hospitals for this distinctive feature, was generated in an augmented level.

From the tests developed in collaboration with a certified laboratory, it was found that on surfaces treated with FLOMAN the average charge of microbial species decreases rapidly as the dose of product increases, until it is eliminated at the recommended dose of 15 ml/liter.

The speed of the effect was also demonstrated: in a few minutes the microbial presence was completely destroyed.

The continuity of action of the product over time was another positive finding. In fact, even after 6 hours from the application of the FLOMAN solution, the level of contamination on the tested surfaces is completely negligible, guaranteeing the high persistence of the anti-biogenic action.

For more information about FLOMAN, you can download the TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

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