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Copper sulphate: galvano industry application

Copper sulphate is used in the electroplating process othe of the Galvano industry.

The term galvanic refers to a series of techniques, used in industry, which involve the realization of coatings on metals with a thin layer more valuable.

The galvanic treatments are therefore a series of operations conducted with aqueous solutions at room temperature or slightly higher, which contain salts of metals, bases, acids and specific additives and which are carried out in tanks aligned in sequence.

Any metal in the course of time incurs a deterioration caused by various factors, such as wear or the action of atmospheric agents.
Galvanic treatments have therefore the function of renewing both the aesthetics and functionality of these components, in fact increasing their durability and improving their performance: resistance to corrosion and electrical and mechanical properties.

Galvanic processes are applied not only on metallic supports but also on plastic materials. A chromed surface almost always has a layer of copper supporting it.
The chrome-plated details of cars, motorcycles aswell as clothes and toys and many costume jewelry items need to be first subjected to a copper plating process using our product.

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